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Diesel generators
in St. Petersburg

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Diesel generators in St. Petersburg

198095, St. Petersburg, Khimichesky pereulok, building 12/3, litera A

Office hours: 09:00-18:00

About us

200 gensets
300 projects
500 clients
since 2006

Tetra Engineering has been specializing in providing diesel generated power supply since 2006 and stands as an example of a thriving family business. It currently employs more than 100 people. For the past 12 years Tetra has been operating providing quality solutions in power supply industry. That makes it a team of professionals capable of solving very diverse engineering and technical challenges.


Tetra started as a bureau for electrical designing and engineering of power systems. In addition to design it now specializes in end to end solutions providing full service power supply delivery, installation and onsite operation. Design, maintenance and repair are integral business lines with sales and rental as a primary focus.

Fleet of equipment

It includes:

  • 200 diesel generators with power ranging from 40 to 1,250 kilowatt;
  • UPS units with  capacity ranging from 3 to 240 kilowatt;
  • Packaged Transformer Substations with capacity of up to 2500 kilowatt.

Renting park’s total capacity is more than 80 megawatt.

Tetra consists of several units that ensure excellent service and full technical support to its Customers.

Operations and assembly department

Consists of service and electrical engineers who have extensive and highly-trained practical experience. These specialists are provided with company cars and perform technical support even in remote  locations.  In addition to mobile engineers Tetra holds a staff of machine operators doing 24/7 onsite  monitoring. Tetra is also equipped with its own assembly team.

Repair shop

Specializes in  performing  overhaul and intermediate repairs of engines, alternators and control panels. All  equipment is given full diagnostic.


The company directly works with many foreign power manufacturers. To address urgent needs in repairs and maintenance the warehouse includes a full inventory of original parts and accessories.


Consists of 14 vehicles   including a pair of loader cranes with lifting capacity up to  20 tons each and a forklift. Complex loading and off-loading works along with delivery to any location are always expertly performed  by this division of the company.


Tetra  has required licenses and certificates for electrical design engineering and assembly. Among them are State Inspectorate for the Preservation of Monuments and EmerCom  licenses.


Providing end-to-end solutions from design to onsite maintenance gives Tetra a competitive advantage in the market. Reliability, expertise and excellence are core qualities Tetra conveys in its work.


Since 2006 more than 800 projects have been completed across Russia, from Moscow to Vladivostok, Murmansk to Krasnodar. Among them are:

  • Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum,
  • Scarlet Sails Festival,
  • Christmas Fair
  • World Championships,
  • City Day Festival,
  • VK Festival.


  • government institutions
  • construction companies
  • banks retailers
  • hospitals


Licenses and permits


Администрация г. Пскова благодарит сотрудников и руководство компании ООО "Тэтра Инжиниринг" за оперативное и качественное выполнение работ по разработке алгоритма выбора и принятия технических решений в сфере функционирования объектов теплоснабжения города…

Администрация г. Пскова выражает благодарность компании ООО "Тэтра Инжиниринг" за выполнение работы по разработке критериев проведения технического аудита системы теплоснабжения города Пскова

Выражаем благодарность компании ООО "Тэтра Инжиниринг" за высокий уровень выполненных работ в части оказания услуг по техническому обследованию систем теплоснабжения объектов Псковской области

СЗб филиал ФГУП "Росморпорт" благодарит компанию ООО "Тэтра Инжиниринг" за качественную, профессионально и своевременно выполненную работу по техническому обслуживанию дизель-генераторных установок на объектах безопасности мореплавания

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